Wall Decals for Bedrooms

One of our favorite places in the home to install a wall decal is the bedroom. Wall decals for bedrooms come in all flavors and types, but our favorite style is something that will set the tone for a good sleep at night, while simultaneously inspiring you when you awake in the morning. Simple minimalistic quotes and sayings are great as bedroom wall decals, as well as simple graphics that give a hint of nature: things like trees, vines and forest scenes. However, any of the wall decals on our site will work in the bedroom, so be sure to have a look around to see what grabs your attention!

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Bedroom Wall Stickers vs Decals

Many people often get wall ‘stickers’ and wall ‘decals’ confused. At Wall Decal Warehouse, we only sell high quality, machine cut vinyl decals. This means that our decals are not ‘printed’ like a sticker. Instead they are cut out from a pre-colored sheet of adhesive-backed vinyl before being applied to a piece of backing paper for installation. The advantage of decals over stickers is that each letter or graphic is cut out completely on it’s own. With stickers, they are often produced in a single piece, and thus have a white or colored background. For bedroom wall art, it is absolutely essential to go with a vinyl decal so that the wall itself will end up as the background. High quality vinyl will also be easier to install and will last much longer on the wall than a lower quality, cheap decal or bedroom wall sticker.

Quote Wall Decals for Bedrooms

Wall Decal Warehouse carries a variety of inspiring wall quotes that work great as bedroom wall art. We do our best to choose fresh, modern fonts that look great and install quickly. Do you have a favorite quote that you’d like made into a piece of inspiring bedroom wall art? Send us an email with more info on what you’re looking for and we can send you back a quote. Or if you’d like to have a look at some of our personal favorite quotes, have a look at our wall quotes page.

If you're looking for a fresh graphic style bedroom wall decal for your bedroom, please jump over to our popular wall decals page to see if something grabs your attention.

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