Kids Room Wall Decals

Whether you’re decorating for a girl or a boy, our kids room wall decals are a great way to dress up a room. It’s amazing how a stylish kids wall decal can transform a boring bedroom into something your child will be excited about. Whether you’re looking for something simple like your child’s name in a creative font, or something more complex like his or her favorite super hero, our high quality vinyl kids wall decals are top quality, and meant to last for years to come. On top of that, all our decals are designed specially for walls and won’t damage your paint, allowing you take them off later if you so choose.

Exclusive Decals

Each kids room wall decal that we sell is designed and tested by one of our fashion forward Wall Decal Warheouse designers. This means our designs are not sold anywhere else. All the wall decals you see on our website are machine cut using only high quality adhesive-backed vinyl, which means they aren’t ‘printed’ like lower quality wall stickers. This guarantees a long lasting product that makes the decals look like they’re painted on the wall.

Installing One of our Kids Room Wall Decals

Each one of our decals are designed to be installed easily by the DIYer at home. With a little preparation, anyone can learn the steps necessary to install a vinyl decal. Each decal on our site comes with detailed instructions on how to install, as well as a squeegee which is used to install the decal completely smooth to the wall with no air bubbles. It’s also helpful to have some green painters tape on hand for certain designs, which can hold the decal on the wall in the exact place you want it, before you remove the backing paper.

Vinyl Materials

One thing many people don't realize when shopping for vinyl decals is the different types available. There are many different types of vinyl out there, and also many different types of adhesive to make the decals stick to the wall. For interior walls, we've learned from experieince you want an adhesive that is strong enough to keep the decal on the wall, but not too strong that it will perminantly bond with the paint, ruining the painted wall if you try to remove it later. All our decals are made with vinyl and adhesive that's specifically designed for interior walls without damagine the paint, or the wall.

Custom Orders

Do you have an inspiring or loving wall quote decal you’d like custom made? If so, we specialize in custom orders. Please contact us with more info and we can send you a quote. We also commonly make initial monograms, or name decals. These look great on a wall, or on the door leading to a child’s bedroom.

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