About our Decals & Frequently Asked Questions


  • High quality, matte-finish premium vinyl that is specifically designed for painted interior walls.
  • Easy to install yourself at home!
  • Available in numerous sizes.
  • Won't damage painted walls like vinyls made for exterior applications.
  • All designs are custom made by us and won't be found anywhere else!
  • If not satisfied when you receive the product, simply return it for a full refund!

All our wall decals are made from high quality premium vinyl that is specifically designed for painted interior walls. As long as your walls are properly primed and painted, the vinyl will not damage the paint, and is designed for up to 3 years of use. Of course, you can apply our vinyl designs to many other surfaces as well including glass, metal, ceramic, plastic etc. Smooth surfaces are best. Lightly textured surfaces are also possible, but please keep in mind the nature of the product - it is an adhesive backed product that must be adhered to a surface. If the surface is too rough, it will not stick!

For detailed installation instructions, please see our page on How to Install a Wall Decal. Or watch the video below!

Which Color Should I Get?

The black and dark grey decals stand out best when applied to lighter colored walls. Conversely, the light grey and white decals pop really nice when applied to darker walls. The middle grey is a nice balance that can work on both light or dark backgrounds. Of course, nothing is stopping you from putting dark decals on dark walls, or light decals on light walls, if you're going for more of a 'hidden' or subdued look!

Installing over Freshly Painted Walls

If you are installing the vinyl over freshly painted walls, make sure the paint is fully cured before installing the vinyl. This can take up to 3 weeks depending on the paint!

Interior vs. Exterior Vinyl

Don’t be fooled by other companies that are selling exterior vinyl for indoor applications! Although exterior vinyl has a longer life, the adhesive is much stronger and could potentially damage painted walls. In addition, most exterior vinyls are glossy, where as we prefer indoor vinyl with a matte finish. The matte finish gives that ‘painted-on-the-wall’ look you can’t get with a glossy product!

Each decal will include detailed installation instructions. Anybody can install a wall decal at home themselves!

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