Bathroom Wall Decals

Wall Decal Warhouse has a great supply of bathroom wall decals. What distinguishes a bathroom specific decal from any of our other decals? When choosing wall decals for a bathroom, it’s usually best to go with smaller designs to complement the smaller size of the room. With a large living room wall, you can really go to town if you like with a large, elaborate decal to fill the wall. In a bathroom though, we like smaller wall quotes, or narrow graphics that can fit on a wall that’s not very wide. We usually recommend measuring your bathroom wall first, and then choosing a decal that will complement the given size.

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What are Vinyl Bathroom Wall Decals?

Wall decals are one of the hottest trends for adding inspiring quotes and designs to a wall in a home or business. What’s nice about vinyl decals compared to traditional art like canvas paintings or framed photos is that decals sit completely flush to the wall, giving that ‘painted-on-the-wall’ effect. The reason why vinyl looks so great is that it is not printed like a sticker. Vinyl is cut out using a special automated cutting machine, which allows each letter and/or graphic to exist on it’s own with no background. This allows the wall itself to act as a background. This is in contrast to a sticker, which is often printed instead of cut and usually has a white or colored background and/or border around the letters or graphic.

Quotes for Bathrooms

We have a few bathroom specific quotes that you may like, so please have a look through our catalog to see if anything grabs your attention! The nice thing about most of the decals on our website is they often work great in any room, bathrooms included. However, instead of printing a quote or graphic full size like for a bedroom or living room, we’d recommend getting the small size to fit on the small size of the wall. Have a look at our popular decals – we think a lot of them would look great in a bathroom. If not, we can also do custom bathroom wall decal quotes. Send us an email with more info about what you’d like and we’ll get back to you with a price!

Other Rooms

We also have decals for other rooms in the house, including kitchen, bedroom and living room! Please have a look at our catalog and let us know what you think!

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