Baby Nursery Wall Decals

We at Wall Decal Warehouse love babies! We also love baby nursery wall decals. Whether you’re planning ahead for a new arrival, or decorating for an existing little one, Wall Decal Warehouse has some great options!

Nursery wall decals are a great way to make a new nursery feel like home for your little one. Whether that’s a name monogram with the little one’s name, a loving wall quote, or a beautiful image, our high quality vinyl decals are especially made for walls and are guaranteed to last years to come.

Custom Designed Baby Nursery Wall Decals

Each decal that we carry is custom designed by one of our fashion forward Wall Decal Warehouse designers. That means you won’t see our designs anywhere else. Each decal is designed and cut with only quality wall-grade vinyl. Of course in addition to looking great, ease of installation and longevity are top priority.

Custom Monograms

Custom initials monograms are a great way to quickly add a stylish, yet personalized flare to a nursery. Since we custom make most of our decals at the time of order, we can usually create name monograms with just about any initials. Contact us for more info.

Custom Quotes

Some of our favorite nursery wall decals are inspiring wall quotes that can be applied directly to the wall. Do you have a favorite quote or saying and would like us to create a custom vinyl decal for you? Contact us for a custom quote! Or you can check out some of our existing wall quotes.

Quality Materials that are Designed for Interior Walls

For any of the wall decals we sell, we only use the highest quality custom-cut vinyl decals. These are not ‘wall stickers’ like some other venders sell. Vinyl decals are ‘cut’ not ‘printed’ like a sticker. What this means for you is a higher quality product that gives that ‘painted-on-the-wall’ look without having to hire an artist to custom paint your walls!


All our wall decals are designed with ease of installation in mind. That means with a little preparation, anyone can install one of our decals. Each decal will come with installation instructions and a squeegee. Some painters tape is also helpful for holding the decal on the wall during installation. For more info on installing a wall decal, please see our installation page for detailed instructions and FAQ.

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