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Are you new to the world of vinyl wall decals and are wondering where to start? Or maybe you're a seasoned interior design professional looking for some fresh ideas. Either way, Wall Decal Warehouse has all the cutting edge designs and information needed to take your wall from drab to fab.

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Wall decals are one of the hottest fashion trends for quickly turning a blank, boring wall into a stylish, personalized statement. For centuries people have decorated their walls with all kinds of wall art including paintings, drawings and custom wall murals. Murals are one of the most beautiful types of wall art because they are flush to the wall, unlike a hung painting or drawing on canvas. Of course a custom mural has the obvious downside of being expensive and quite permanent.

Get that Painted-On-The-Wall Look

Since the introduction of vinyl wall decals, it is now possible to get that ‘painted-on-the-wall’ look without having to hire an artist to paint a permanent piece of art! In fact, a vinyl wall decal can be easily removed if you’re moving, or if you simply want a change. Vinyl won’t ruin your walls, and can be installed by just about anyone, without any special tools required. Vinyl is a high quality, long lasting material that looks and feels great for that ‘painted-on-the-wall’ look. For more info about installing a wall decal, please see our page on How to Install a Wall Decal.

About our Vinyl Wall Decals

Here at wall decal warehouse, we’re passionate about providing cutting edge designs, using only the highest quality machine-cut vinyl. To check out some of our favorite designs, please see our popular decorative wall decals. Or if you're looking for a specific room in your home, please see our pages for bedroom wall decals, kids room wall decals, bathroom wall decals, baby nursery wall decals. If you’re looking for lower quality vinyl, or cheap wall stickers (which are usually not vinyl), we recommend looking elsewhere! We only offer the best vinyl that’s specifically designed for walls. This means two things for you: First, you’ll get a high quality product that installs easily and that’s going to look great on your walls for years to come. Second, you’ll get a product that designed to be removed from painted walls without damaging the paint. There are many different types of vinyl out there. And if you use the wrong type on your walls, you’ll either end up with a product that doesn’t stick well, or you’ll end up with a product that sticks TOO well, and permanently bonds with the wall, peeling off paint when it’s removed later.

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Difference Between Wall Decals and Wall Stickers

To somebody just getting started, the two terms ‘wall sticker’ and ‘wall decal’ are often confused. However, these two products are actually drastically different. A vinyl wall decal is a solid piece of vinyl that is custom cut with an automated cutting machine. Because the vinyl is actually cut to shape and held together with a piece of backing paper, there is no background after it is applied to the wall. The end result is a look similar to paint. This means letters are perfectly cut out, all edges are nice and crisp and there is no white background showing through. The color of the decal is set by the color of vinyl that is cut. Because of this, vinyl decals are often only 1, 2 or 3 colors maximum since for each color, a separate sheet of vinyl must be cut. Wall stickers on the other hand are printed on some kind of sticker paper and then cut out, usually in a single piece. Because of this, they often have white backgrounds and borders. You will only find high quality vinyl deals here at Wall Decal Warehouse.

Where to Start

Are you new to the world of wall decals, and wondering where to start? Read our FAQ section for a number of commonly asked questions about choosing, purchasing and installing one of our high quality vinyl wall decals. If you’re already experienced in the design and installation of vinyl decals and are simply looking for some ideas to dress up your wall, project check out our popular decals for some fresh ideas. Or if you have a better idea of what you're looking for, please jump right to our pages for Wall Quotes, Graphics or Patterns.